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Faculty of Arabic

Dean’s Message

I am delighted that you are thinking to come to do your degree at the Faculty of Arabic (FALIC). The Arabic language is no more the language of certain race rather it has been the tool of learning and thinking of the whole Muslim nation since the arising of Islam 14th centuries ago. The Islamic character of the Faculty is reflected in teaching Arabic Literature of various Muslim regions such as Arab World, Spain and Indian Sub-continent. Besides many courses in the language and style of the Quran are also offered.

The International Character of our program is reflected in offering courses in modern linguistics, stylistics, disclosure analysis, modern literary criticism, comparative literature and English.

Professor Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Bashir


Ph: +92 51 9257933


  • To produce specialists in various aspects of Arabic language in order to promote the Holy Quran.
  • To produce an ideal Programe for teaching non-Arab students as required by the circumstances of their development of Arabic language and Arabic literature in their respective countries with reference to Arabic language.
  • To develop the skill/knowledge of students in Arabic language as reflected in the Holy Quran and tradition of Holy Prophet.

To develop the skill/knowledge of students in Arabic language as reflected in the Holy Quran and tradition of Holy Prophet. Participation and contribution for promotion of Arabic in Pakistan in view of its fresh importance in the wake of present drive to implement Shariah in the country. Islamization of the country’s Law cannot materialize without dissemination of knowledge of Arabic language. In order to realize these objectives, the Faculty offers various Courses in linguistic and Literary studies taught by some disguised members of Academic Staff from Arabic speaking countries.


Department of Literature

Department of Linguistics

Department of Arabic Language Teaching Unit

Department of Translation & Interpretation

The Faculty has both graduate and post-graduate programme


B.A.(Hons) Arabic

B.A.(Hons) Translation & Interpretation


Master programme

M.Phil Arabic

M.Phil in Teaching Arabic for none Arab

Ph.D. Programme:

The Students in the Faculty are coming from Pakistan and some other countries such as China, Afghanistan, Somalia and Indonesia. If you join us you will become a member of an academic community which is proud of its Islamic tradition and its contemporary education. I look forward to welcoming you here and hope that you will enjoy yourself and participate fully in our programmes.

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you a very warm welcome on behalf of the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences (FBAS). We look forward each year with great anticipation to the arrival of our new students and to the contributions they will make to the campus life. Currently more than 2600 students are enrolled in the bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree programmes while there are more than 80 faculty members, including 20 PhDs employed in the faculty. The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences was established in 2003. The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences comprises of the following departments

  • Department of Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Science
  • Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Physics

The primary focus of the FBAS is teaching and research. We offer a very broad range of courses and programs of study. All the courses that are offered to students at different levels are designed to prepare not only skilled professionals but also good human beings. Learning and growth at IIUI is not confined to the class rooms but other kinds of opportunities are around in abundance. Each student has the advantage of having interaction with people from many different backgrounds, culture and interests. There are many people around who are ready and willing to provide assistance and advices; students need only to ask. Our permanent faculty is a dynamic and growing community of scholars active in most of the principal areas of research in Science and Technology. We have also succeeded in receiving cooperation and assistance from the highly qualified and learned academicians in the twin cities in the form of Adjunct Faculty for our research programme in different departments.

If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Bio Informatics/Biotechnology, Environment Sciences, Mathematics, Physics or Statistics, please come to visit us at IIUI– we always have time to welcome and entertain new and talented students.


Dr. Muhammad Sher

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

I would like to welcome you to take a challenge by aspiring to become a student of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET) and becoming a part of a dynamic group of people with leading edge ideas and ready to work in a highly rigorous, practical and challenging environment. We take pride in being Muslims and this spirit is being reflected in the syllabi of different degree programs. The International character of our program is displayed by its amalgam of the best professional approach, ethical values, social and moral training, communication skills as well as industrial standards of Engineering problems. The international character is evident from our international students and teachers.

The programs at the Faculty of Engineering & Technology involve a combination of research, learning and practice. Alongside ‘research-led teaching’, there is the theme of ‘theory and practice’. All undergraduate programs of FET are based on originality of ideas and industrial projects. Although currently the faculty is a young one and comprising only two departments, the FET is envisaged to grow as a major modern center of excellence for engineering education and research. We have already been placed among the most dynamic, fastest growing and excelled faculties in engineering sciences in the country.

The Faculty endeavors to venture into new programs like Civil Engineering, Mechatronics, Environmental Engineering and Biomedical Engineering etc. Over the next few years we will continue the process of self-evaluation, renewal and growth of both our academic programs, staff and our infrastructure.

Please come forward, visit us and see yourself what we claim!

If you join us, you will become a member of an academic community, which is proud of its traditions and its contemporary education. We stress our motto that “we do not just produce professionals we build character”.

I look forward to welcome you here and hope that you will enjoy yourself and participate fully in the life at FET. On behalf of the faculty and the university, I wish you good luck in your endeavors and hope to see you with us

Dean FET / Professor

Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik

About International Institutes of Islamic Economics

International Institute of Islamic Economics is a pioneering institution in the Muslim World dedicated for the cause of Islamic Economics. It was established in August 1983 with the primary objective to endeavour for an Islamic Economic Paradigm and to prepare scholars equipped with appropriately blended knowledge of Shariah injunctions and the mainstream economics. The ultimate objective is Islamization of the economic and financial system of the Muslim societies. The School of Economics is organizing the academic programs of the institute. The faculty is expanding vertically and horizontally. It has been offering the academic programs at Bachelor (B.Sc- Honours), Master (M.Sc) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) levels in Economics from the very date of its establishment. Later on, new programs have been added from time to time, like the Post-Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance, B.Sc (Hon), M.Sc. and M.Phil in Economics & Finance and Islamic Banking & Finance, M.Phil leading to Ph.D. in Econometrics and Master program in Rural Development. The Institute carries out its academic programs for female students through the Department of Economics in the Women Campus of the University. There is a well established Research and Training Division, which is responsible for promoting research in the mainstream and Islamic Economics as well as for providing training facilities to the staff employed in Academic and Financial institutions, both public and private.

Functions of the Institute

  • To organize teaching of modern economics, Islamic economics, Islamic banking and finance and other related disciplines at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.
  • To conduct advance studies & research in the relevant areas and to provide training programs & consultancy services to public and private organizations.
  • To promote cooperation with other leading educational and research institutions of east and west, particularly in the Muslim countries, in the field of modern economics, Islamic economics and allied disciplines through seminars, colloquia, conferences, staff and students exchange, scholarships, stipends and bursaries.

Dr. Eatzaz Ahmed

Director, IIIE

Faculty of Usuluddin (Islamic Studies)

The Faculty of Usuluddin (Islamic Studies) is one of the founding faculties of the rapidly growing International Islamic University and it truly epitomizes both its attributes i.e. international and Islamic. The Faculty members come from different Arab and non Arab countries with highest degrees from leading Islamic universities in the Muslim World. Some of them have pursued their further specialization in local and western universities as well. The language of instruction is both Arabic and English with a view that all courses related to Islam must be studied from their original sources and original language so that the student gets first hand knowledge of his/her area of study. The courses that are related to contemporary human thought are introduced in English language with the same view that the student should get the first hand knowledge of them as well. This enables the student to develop himself/herself on both the planes and opens a myriad of opportunities for his/her future studies.

Presently, the Faculty runs specializations in Tafseer and Qur’anic Sciences, Hadith and its Sciences, Aqeedah and Philosophy, Seerah and Islamic History, Comparative Religion, Da’wah and Islamic Culture on both bachelor and master levels. Doctorate programs are also included in Tafseer and Qur’anic Sciences, Hadith and its Sciences and Comparative Religion. The Faculty is also working on starting new programs which will be available soon.

The Faculty has collaboration with other institutions of the University such as Islamic Research Institute, Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue and Dawah Academy.


  • To produce competent scholars who are well versed in basic Islamic disciplines and capable of guiding the Muslim Ummah in molding its life in accordance with the teachings of Islam.
  • To produce scholars who have a clear perception of the contemporary Muslim society and of the dangers threatening its very existence and future survival. They are also expected to be capable of drawing up plans to deal effectively with the designs of the enemies of Muslim Ummah to annihilate Islam as an ideology and to obstruct the efforts of the Muslims to restructure their social life according to Islamic principles and values.
  • To enlighten the students on the modern methods and techniques of Da’wah and train them in the application of audio-visual equipment for effective education of the Muslim masses about the fundamental moral and spiritual teachings of Islam.
  • To familiarize the Muslim youth with contemporary ideologies and philosophies threatening the very existence of Islamic communities and train them in the methods to combat their influence in the Muslim world.
  • To educate the students about the modern sociological and psychological theories that would enable them to understand the psychology of the masses and the socioeconomic environments surrounding them.

Faculty Of Languages and Literature


  • Department Of English
  • Department Of Urdu
  • Department Of Persian

Faculty of Management Sciences

You are welcome in the Faculty of Management Sciences where quality education is imparted in a diversified and market-driven environment. We are committed to offer a professional learning opportunity to those who wish to excel.

Since the corner stone of the university has been laid down on Islamic values inherited from our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), therefore, integration of science and technology with the teaching of Islam is our priority. In addition, building national character in the future generations is important to fulfill the dreams of our ancestors, builders of the nation, and those who lost their lives for the cause of creating Pakistan as an Islamic country on the face of earth. That is why we are not only producing good graduates but try to make them good human being, good Muslim, good Pakistanis (in the case of Pakistani students) and good citizens of the global world (in the case of International Students).

We are located at the heart of the capital city surrounded by industry and a culture of academia in Islamabad which provides endless opportunities not only for meaningful collaboration but also sustainable relationship and competitiveness.

The university is an international venue for learners all around the Islamic world; we have designed our programmes accordingly to entertain you wherever you are. In this way the faculty of management sciences contributing towards contemporary themes such globalization and latest trends in the areas of Management Sciences.

The university offers state-of-the-art resources within the campus to facilitate you to enhance your capabilities during your stay here and beyond. In addition, our faculty member have been trained from USA, UK, European Union, Far East and reputable institutes within the country. It is a blend of young and experienced members specialists in their sphere of knowledge. We offer BBA, MBA, MS and PhD degree programs with specialization in the areas of Management, Finance, Marketing and Technology Management.

Our aim is to create research environment in our faculty. Promotion of research is the corner stone of the faculty where both teacher and students are involved in the production of world class research work.

President IIU & Dean FMS

Dr. Ahmad Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh

Faculty of Shariah & Law

Dean’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in the Faculty of Shariah & Law which enjoys a respectable position among the reputed Law School/Law Faculties of reputed universities of South Asia. The Faculty offers programmes of study leading to the degrees of Doctors of Philosophy in Shariah, LL.M in Corporate Law, LL.M in International Law, LL.M in International Trade Law, LL.M in Human Rights Law, LL.M. (General), MS Human Rights, LL.M in Shariah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence), MS Shariah, MS / LL.M Islamic Commercial Law, MS / LL.M Muslim Family Law, LL.B Shariah & Law and LL.B. The Faculty of Shariah and Law is a unique centre of learning in South Asia which provides good quality of education of Law, Shariah, Jurisprudence and Fiqh under the supervision of highly qualified teachers. This is the only Law Faculty which has twenty four academicians holding Ph.Ds in various fields of Shariah & Law; most of them obtained their degrees of doctorates from the leading universities of the world. The Faculty provides good academic environment in which students can pursue their studies of Law and Shariah under the supervision of well qualified, dynamic and research oriented scholars who come from various parts of the world and constitute a strong faculty.


  • Department of Law
  • Department of Shariah


Dr. Muhammad Tahir Hakeem

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) at International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan. FSS is proud of interdisciplinary nature of research and teaching. What does that mean? At FSS, we want to develop solutions to real-world problems. So Psychologists work with Teacher educators, Historians work with Political scientists to name but a few examples. Each of our disciplines will provide you with exciting challenges in how you view the world in which we live and into which you will graduate. Our work is deeply rooted in the investigation of the human condition and in pointing a way towards the future.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to think deeply and critically about the issues you face locally and globally. You will be prepared to take up the challenge of shaping the society of the future through your social relationships, through your career, and through the personal choices you make. As an educated social scientist, you will help shape how society thinks about and interacts with advances in the sciences, engineering, medicine, law, and business. Many of you will serve as a moral compass in your local communities, our nation, or our world/ Muslim Ummah.

In our Social Sciences programs, you will learn to think critically and argue persuasively. You will gain important job-related skills in methods of research, and data analysis and interpretation. You will understand how cultural, economic, political, psychological, and social phenomena influence human behaviour. You will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to live an informed life, and to make your communities and the world a better place.

The FSS offers a tremendous range of personal and professional development opportunities, including degree programs in Education, History and Pakistan Studies, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, and programs in Islamic Arts and Architecture and Media and Communication Studies.Programs in the Social Sciences offer a unique combination of the theoretical and the practical. You will broaden your critical understanding of the social, political, economic, and historical forces that shape our society, and develop technical research, analytical, and communication skills that prepare you to succeed in our rapidly changing environment.

FSS is 2500 students strong, with 90 permanent Faculty. We are made up of 7 Departments in male campus and 7 departments in women campus. The Faculty has at its disposal the services of internationally reputed scholars including those possessing Ph.D. degrees. The Faculty offers scholarships to three outstanding students of every program in each semester. We will be proud to count you among our many successful graduates.

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Dr. N. B. Jumani